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Our Business is to help our owners to achieve their goals of profitability, low maintenance and low tenant turnover. We ensure that your property is well managed to attract and retain good quality tenants. We have less than a 3% tenant turnover. Unlike other Real Estate companies who do mostly sales and very little property management, we specialize in property management and we pride ourselves in having great communication with our owners and tenants. We do everything possible to help you generate income and enhance the value of your property. Tired of dealing with problems and feeling like you cant get things done fast enough or cheap enough to make it profitable to own a rental property? With us you will be getting the type service providers that are anxious to get your business and qualified enough to do the job done fast and right the first time. In order to earn our business, vendors are going to give us the very lowest prices possible.


We have been instrumental in turning investment properties from money draining headache properties and turning them into low maintenance, cash flow properties. Our system makes it easy to be a successful investor.


Home Owners.

Unintentional investors is what we call homeowners that never intended to become a landlord. This is where hiring the right property management company can make your life a great deal easier. We know the laws and have a system that will make renting out your home less scary and in most cases profitable. We run background and credit check on all our tenants and make sure your rent is collected on time every month. When you hire Cityscape Real Estate to manage your home, you are getting the peace of mind knowing you have someone to call on 24 hours a day with any questions or concerns. You will never need to deal with any issues on your own and we can make things so easy that you just have to check your bank account every month to know your rent is there.




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